SUP Yoga Teacher Training

Why is the Lazy Dog Program so unique?


-SUP basics and technique

-SUP equipment and overview

-adaptation of Yoga to SUP

-PaddleYoga class development

-basic Pranayama techniques

-specific Yoga poses for the SUP athlete

-anatomy overview

-weather & chart knowledge

-water safety and rescue

-business application




teaching methodology:

-hands-on demonstration & physical practice

-lecture, active inquiry & open discussion

-experiential & theoretical comprehension

-in-depth reference manual

-small class size = individual attention





-Certified Lazy Dog PaddleYoga Instructor

-World Paddle Association (WPA) Class Level 1 Instructor Certification

-endorsement by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) includes 2.4      ACE Continuing Education Credits.

-Registered Yoga Teachers can add 25 contact hours to their  registration with Yoga Alliance.  


​cost & schedule:


-$695 regularly priced 3-day course (25 hour contact time requirement)


         this includes:

                            Lazy Dog PaddeYoga Course manual                                                              $295 WPA Class Level 1 Certification

                            $75 WPA yearly instructor's fee



While Key West is our base of operations (you read correctly, we live and play in one of the most beautiful places in the lower 48!) 2013 marks the first year we will be traveling to offer trainings! Check out our events page to see upcoming trainings or write us an email to invite the Lazy Dog PaddleYoga Program to your area!

our approach:

The Lazy Dog philosophy is born out of passion. We truly enjoy what we do, and shouldn't everyone? While their roots extend from the studio, our instructors, Tara McCabe and Trish Miller, are dedicated to the exploration of an ever-evolving yoga practice within the exponentially popular realm of StandUp Paddleboarding.

PaddleYoga is the melding of both disciplines of yoga and StandUp Paddleboarding. Our goal is to represent both disciplines with regards to each in a professional and well-informed manner. Alignment, sound methodology and philosophy of classical Hatha yoga should be observed as well as paddling techniques (stemming from outrigger canoe paddling), etiquette, equipment knowledge and water safety of StandUp Paddleboarding . 




CPR/AED and First Aid Certification

Proof of personal instructor and water sports Liability Insurance*

*we realize you may not be able to obtain insurance until AFTER this course is completed, and we can help you in this process. 



Do I have to know how to paddle?

Prior knowledge of SUPing is not required but is definitely a plus. Yoga on a SUP is quite different than in the studio. The foundation of poses is key to staying injury free and being able to evolve as a PaddleYoga practitioner.​

must I be a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT)?

While the majority of our students are 200-500-hr RYTs we strongly believe that teaching originates from the heart and have thus made exceptions for those applying to our course.* Whether you want to teach in the future or explore, enhance and deepen your personal practice, we feel it is paramount that our applicants have a solid foundation in the philosophy, psychology and methodology of yoga. Yoga students and teachers with a sincere desire to study this specialized yoga practice are ideal for this training.

* If you are not currently an RYT, we require a written recommendation from your yoga studio and/or yoga instructor attesting to your passion and commitment to your practice. This can include the frequency of your Haṭha (physical)practice or testament to your involvement in any of the various forms of yoga such as jñana, bhakti, mantra, rāja, kriyā, kuṇḍalinī, etc. Please give us a call with any questions!